The Cornwall Workshop

Finlay Abbott Ellwood

Finlay Abbott Ellwood was born in Penwith and then studied in London at the Slade, specialising in painting. In 2018 he walked along the cost past between these two places, connecting them physically, but also psychologically getting a better understanding of the space in between. These two areas are harbours where at various times he has docked. Cross county durational walking allows one to view the landscape as a portal, a telescope, an indexed conglomeration of experience which can then manifest itself onto a singular surface like a painting. He likes to think of time and experience as a bowl, and the act of painting as trying to replicate the memories and images that fill it.

Using found materials like clay and rainwater he hopes too paint a picture of the landscape with the landscape; thus getting him closer to emulating the feelings felt when being outdoors, to further this he paints on objects where the function or use value relates directly to imagery depicted on it; these combined elements provide the spark to an otherwise, “life lacking” lacking image, this sensation he likes to call [sic]winde.