Residential workshop

The 2019 workshop offers a space in which to explore a range of ideas suggested by Andy Holden’s interests and work. A selection of writings, films and musical works will frame the week-long conversation, starting with works included in The Long Revolution, a curated project at Holden’s studio space in Bedford, looking at walking and observation as methods of gently affecting change. 

The week will also include a range of seminars and reading groups exploring texts such as Timothy Morton’s Hyperobjects, Mark Fisher’s The Weird and the Eerie, and Daisy Hildyard’s The Second Body, and discussing subjects such as ‘Kant after the Internet’. There will also be a lecture with ornithologist Peter Holden on understanding bird song, experiments in sound recording with composer and artist Mira Calix, and conversations around the effects of technology on our understanding of nature. 

This week-long residential workshop will be an intensive experience and will require commitment. Participants will be asked to prepare short presentations and provide oral and written evaluations and responses. They will also be encouraged to contribute to the continuing legacy of the workshop by sharing debates and ideas with artists and arts practitioners in the region.